Discovery Call Questions

A customized program for empaths and highly sensitive people who are looking to change the way they act and show up around narcissists and energy vampires.

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I'd love to know how you heard about my coaching program for Empaths. 

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What's your most pressing issue when it comes to personal development an Empath? What would you like to accomplish in the next 3 months? 

Question 3 of 12

What obstacles are preventing you from accomplishing your personal goal? 

Question 4 of 12

Are there things that you'd love to do or accomplish but you don't know how to do them on your own? 

Question 5 of 12

If you could change one thing about yourself as an empath, what would it be? 

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How willing and able are you to invest in your personal development on your journey as an Empath? 


I have access to financial resources to invest in myself right now.


I do not have the financial resources to invest in myself right now.

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Which service are you interested in? 


Group Coaching


1:1 Coaching

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How do you think I can help you accomplish your goals? 

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Please explain why we'd work well together? 

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Do you have the funds to invest in coaching? 


Yes, I have the funds to invest in myself for coaching.


No, I don't have the funds to invest in myself for coaching.

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If you're accepted as a candidate for coaching, how soon can you get started? 

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Anything else I should know? 

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