Your second meditation of the day.

Think of your morning and evening meditations as bookends of the day . For a lot of people, this 2nd meditation is the most difficult to cultivate. This is because the day isn’t nearly as quiet as it is in the morning, there’s usually a lot more going on, and the energy is certainly different. 

Needless to say, the 2nd meditation of the day is very different and is actually for a different purpose than the morning ritual. Your pm meditation is designed to help you release all of the stress you’ve absorbed over the course of the day.

My teacher described the meditations this way:  The first meditation is to “set the table”. The second meditation is to “wash the dishes”.

But when, exactly, can we make time for this PM meditation? Make this either the very very last thing you do before you leave work OR the very, very first thing you do when you get home. For those with unpredictable schedules, I’ll let you in on a story from one of my students who is a mom. She really struggled to make the PM meditation but she also knew that it made a huge difference in her day. She decided to do a quick meditation in her car while waiting to pick up her children after school. This worked out perfectly and she was calm and relaxed when greeting her kids instead of being in a state of chaos. 

The best way to remember the pm meditation is to remember RAW, or Right After Work.  There are SO many benefits to using your RAW ritual… you’ll feel like you’re coasting into your evening before it explodes with activity: kids, dinner, stories of the day, TV, internet, pets, workouts, and anything else you cram into those last remaining hours that you’re awake. You’ll be bringing a bit of stillness to the end of your day and may even notice that your routine falls into place a bit more effortlessly. 

My tip: play around with the different times throughout the end of the day. I usually feed my dogs around 4:30 or 5 pm so I can depend on a few solid bark-free minutes at the end of the day. Sometimes, though, it has to be a little closer to bed time. Either way, I fall asleep a bit easier and wind down a bit more when I incorporate the RAW ritual into my daily routine. 

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