What's the Best Type of Meditation?

I get asked this question all the time. I’ve personally tried nearly all types of meditation - from sound meditation, mantra, meditation set to music, chanting, meditation for sleep, nature sounds, and the list could go on for quite some time. 

I think it’s different for everyone and I think we go through phases of exploring different techniques. All of the techniques I’ve used have significant benefits. Personally, I love meditating in stillness and silence, with mala beads in my hand, while silently repeating my personal mantra. 

A few times a week, however, I’ll play one of my davidji tracks (his 40 days of transformation is one of my favorites). 

I’ve found that each meditation technique I’ve ever used and have spent a considerable amount of time with has helped me by touching another space in my being. Somehow I’ve moved through them without getting caught up in them. No one single meditation technique is the only way. What has pulled me in has been the need for silence. This need has drawn me to simpler meditation techniques, such as following your breath. 

I saw this quote by Ram Dass in his book, Journey of Awakening.  

"You cannot, however, keep collecting methods all the way to enlightenment. Sooner or later you will be drawn to one path or another which is the eye of the needle, the doorway to the inner temple. The journey passes from eclectic sampling to a single path. Finally, you recognize the unity of your own way and that of other seekers who followed other paths. At the peak, all the paths come together.” 

A few tips that I’ve learned along the way: 

  • Don’t get attached to your way of meditation.

  • Keep in mind that the goal is liberation (Moksha) and that all meditations can be used as you need them to help you in the journey.

  • What may draw you on then is the need for silence, so you seek a simpler meditation, such as following your breath.  

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