I Am Loving Awareness

Think about the words we say to ourselves on a daily basis. They usually aren’t the nicest words. I catch myself in the negative thought loop a few times a day. That’s why I have mantras and affirmations to keep myself out of negative thinking.

Meditation can help us see past the constant static and pull for our attention in daily life. The stillness and silence of the morning are most sacred to me. I can hear every sound, I’m aware of my breathing, and I feel more expanded. Awareness of my eyes seeing, my ears hearing, my skin feeling, and my mind producing thoughts. These thoughts can be tricky, but we don’t have to identify with them. Bringing loving awareness to them is so liberating. 

Remind yourself in every situation today, “I am Loving Awareness”. This practice focuses attention in the middle of the chest, on the heart-mind. Take a few deep breaths into your diaphragm to help you identify with it. Breathe in love, breathe out love. Watch all the thoughts that create the stuff of your mind, and love everything, love everything you can be aware of. Just love.