Meditation Teaches Us Patience

I’ve spent many, many hours in meditation. Some meditations I feel freedom in about 3 minutes, and in others, I feel like i’m going to pop out of my skin if I sit any longer. Other times, I have these experiences (and more) within one meditation sitting. 

I have felt myself grasp for that one time I felt weightless, formless, and almost euphoric. I was grasping and expecting that I would feel like that every time. I chased that feeling for a long time. Months, in fact. I was so attached to this specific feeling and outcome that I turned the practice into something else. By the way, that’s one of the “Myths” of meditation. You’ll feel immediately enlightened. [wrong]

I guess that’s part of the process, though. Stick with it for the long ride and you’ll learn so much about yourself. 

What actually started happening (eventually) was that I started to detach from the outcome. Honestly, that just comes with practice.

A few other things have changed as well. I’ve started to live with a little more patience. Not only for my meditation practice, but with my other practices. The media I allow in is less violent, less drama-centric, and more informative, lighter, and simple. I no longer feel the need to have TV on all the time. I’m more comfortable in the stillness and quiet of the day to day. My anxiety has dramatically dropped. My depressive episodes are less frequent. I can let go a little easier. I’m reacting slower and choosing my responding words a little better or not responding at all when something bothers me. 

If you’re meditating, what are your expectations?

Is that what’s keeping you out of meditating?

Some people are really afraid of what’s going to come up when their mind starts to settle down.  Go inward and experience the stillness and silence in meditation as well as in other parts of your life.