Have You Taken the Empath Quiz Yet?

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2019

I posted the Are You an Empath? quiz on our private Facebook group the other day and the response was overwhelming. Yes, there are a lot of us Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) out there in the world and many of us don't know what to do with this realization. 

Discovering that you're an empath can be a revelation!!!! 

Wondering what to do from here? Once you take the quiz, you'll be added to the list and you'll be notified as soon as the doors open. Oh, you'll also get a free meditation download (of course). Win-Win!!

I'm only taking a small number of people at a small price for this beta test launch of the community. You'll be a founding member of the group and it'll be a great way to test out what works for the group and what needs a bit more fine-tuning. 

I hope to see you in the online group!


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