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Hi! I’m Rachel, your master meditation teacher.

Over the years, I have dedicated my life to teaching, training and helping beginners find their inner peace through the powerful, simple practice of meditation.

I’m not your average meditation teacher.

I don’t believe you need to change your entire life, meditate for 10+ hours a day, or go live in isolation for a year to have a spiritual awakening.

In the many years since I started this business, I have followed my spiritual desires, trusted my intuition, and created a proven process to help even the most absolute beginner create a meaningful, lasting meditation practice by taking simple, small actions.

My job is this: To use my years of training and knowledge to help you find your inner peace and healing. To help remind you of the power of your own breath. To show you how powerful you are, just as you are, right this minute.

If this speaks to your heart, if you’ve been longing for a meditation practice that you can actually stick with, I’d love to help.

I promise, you will be amazed by the results. Every area of your life will grow, heal, expand.

And I will support you every step of the way.

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Credentials & Certifications

Davidji Meditation Academy - Masters of Wisdom - 2017

Davidji Meditation Academy - Deeper Still Advanced Training - 2018

520 meditation total training hours

Reiki Master - 2017

The Yoga Institute - Advanced Yoga Training with Lex Gillan and Ram Dass 2016

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark  - 2016

Tony Sanchez - Yogic Physical Culture Academy - (Ghosh Lineage) 2013

Bikram Yoga Teacher - 2009

The Yoga Institute - 2004


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