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Episode 32: What Happens When You Push Down Emotions

Season #1 Episode #32

I asked this question in my Empath Insights Facebook Group and I got some insightful answers.  Clients come to me because they're not only empaths, but they're afraid to open up. They're afraid to let their feelings out.   Do you know what happens in the body when you don't give yourself permission to release those stuck emotions?   You feel physically stuck, tired, sick, and heavy.   Most are in chronic pain because they can't seem to let go of those emotions.   It's the best feeling in the world to watch a client go from complete overwhelm to being relaxed around the same exact situation.   Here are the top 3 that came up for my group members: 
  • Tiredness to the point of feeling physically drained
  • Trapped in the cycle of emotional eating to push down emotions. Then getting depressed about it.
  • Pushing down emotions to the point of either severe depression or blowing up with anger. 

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