Rachel K Hudson

Does this sound like you?

If you’ve been labeled as “too emotional”…

If you take on other people’s emotions and stress...

If the people in your life don’t understand that you need your alone time…

If you feel overwhelmed in crowds, watching the news, or watching anything violent on tv or social media…

You’ve come to the right place. I’ve designed my Empath Support Community and coaching services for the empath and highly sensitive person.

Scroll down to discover my most popular offerings.


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take the empath quiz and join the waitlist

Only you will know if you’re truly an empath, but if you’re here, odds are that you’re an empath or you’re searching here for someone who is. Maybe a close friend or family member. The quiz is a list of questions to help you determine if you’re highly sensitive or consider yourself to be an empath. You’ll also receive a free guided meditation.



Meditation for absolute beginners

Meditation decreases sensory overload and keeps your system in a peaceful state. Meditation is one of my favorite daily practices as an Empath. My signature online meditation course, Meditation for Absolute Beginners will help you design your very own unique meditation practice.


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Meditation emergency kit

Choose from simple but powerful guided meditations and breathing techniques to relieve anxiety, enhance relationships, and spark your creativity.



distance reiki session

Release old energy blocks, restore your life energy, and help realign your mind, body and soul through this spiritual healing practice.

This powerful 1-hour session over the phone in the comfort of your own home. Click the link below to learn more and book your session.

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Let’s Connect…..

and rececive your free guided meditation.

Each week I send out tips to help you navigate this unique gift that empaths share.

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