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7 Reasons You Should Meditate

Jul 06, 2019

In this post, I talk about the 7 reasons you should meditate.

Meditation has helped me out of some tough times. I used to be a “crisis meditator”. Meaning, something upsetting would happen in life and only then would I meditate. For instance, a co-worker or family member and I didn’t see eye-to-eye, I took something personally and held onto it, or I expected something of someone and they didn’t come through. 

Basically, any of the day-to-day situations that we deal with can really blow out of proportion when we’re already in a negative or fearful frame of mind. That frame of mind made me fearful, insecure, or I would tend to assign blame when something didn’t go as planned. 

When I made the change from crisis meditator to a daily meditator, I found so many unexpected benefits.  

Here’s how meditation has helped ME over the years when I decided to make the commitment: 

  1. Instead of reacting, I am more likely to either respond. There’s a big difference. 

  2. Meditating has given me the courage to take giant steps in my business and my creative life. I really do feel more creative. I’m writing more, reading more, and more in tune with my creative side.

  3. I’m way more intuitive than I used to be. Well, let me rephrase that. I’ve always been very intuitive but with meditation, I’m less likely to ignore my intuition. Intuition is that spark of “knowing”. I like to say, “you know that you know that you know”. 

  4. I’m more deliberate in my activities. Yes, I still scroll through my phone quite a bit, but I’ve switched to making more conscious choices when allowing certain info into my life. I only watch the news occasionally and when I do, I don’t really feel like it enhances my life.

  5. I’m more aware of how certain situations affect me. 

  6. I’ve switched from becoming a tried and true night owl to an early bird. This was one of the nice surprises that I wasn’t expecting. I was actually looking forward to getting up before the sun, greeting my animals, making my hot tea or coffee before announcing to the doggies, “It’s time to meditate”. 

  7. I’m more intent with the conversations I have. I feel like I’m a much better listener and less of an interrupter. I still LOVE to talk, though. 

I could probably go on and on but I really love to speak from experience when explaining to someone who has never meditated before exactly why I meditate. There’s a sense of calm and peace that can’t accurately be put into words. 

I hope you’ll join me as we meditate together. When we meditate together, we have this powerful ripple effect that can truly change the world.