Ditch the Drama With Your Mama

I've been working behind the scenes on the next level of my coaching business. I'm excited, a little scared, and filled with knowing that this is the thing to do.

I'm hyper-focused on helping women with difficult relationships. Ditching the Mama-Drama.

Most of my clients have Mom's voice in their heads that's making them feel stuck.

We're talking about empaths being hyper-vigilant, stuck in people-pleasing mode, and having chronic anxiety.

If you've been around me for a while, you might have picked up the struggles I've had with my own mom.
I tried everything and was constantly surprised when she didn't change. Oh, I've learned so much.

Bottom line:  You don't go telling your mother how she should behave differently. You don't just give her a "mom-manual" to follow. Let's be honest - ain't gonna happen.

I'll teach you how to:
Let go of the rule book of how moms SHOULD show up in life.
Learn to focus on your own happiness and growth
Learn how to let the past be the past instead...

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Real talk about exhaustion

These are a few pictures of what's been going on in my life.

Life with a new pup, keeping my coaching business moving, going out of town on a Wednesday with my husband, and having fun at the same time.


Personal story...

I used to tell myself that when my husband comes home from working out of the country, it was "exhausting" to switch schedules every few weeks.

I used to have thoughts that left me feeling resentful around scheduling and routines.

I also acted like there was something wrong.

NOTHING was wrong.

It was the way I was thinking about schedules, a new puppy, and managing my coaching business.

My friend, it's not the project deadline, difficult client, family member, the new puppy, or coworker that's creating the exhaustion that you're feeling.

It's the story you're telling yourself that is creating the exhaustion you're feeling.

Going through something similar?

Ask yourself the following:

1 Why am I acting like it's a problem when ______...

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Are you an overgiver?


Empaths often get overwhelmed because we have a tendency to OVERGIVE. 

So I thought I'd leave you with a bit of encouragement today. 

If you could give ONE piece of encouragement for all to hear, what would it be? 

Here's mine: small acts of service are more natural than overgiving. 

Here's why: 

  • Giving from your heart creates radiance around you.
  • Overgiving is exhausting. You'll feel it in your body
  • Small acts of service will leave you feeling like there's a spark of light that went off inside you.

How do you know that you're *NOT* overgiving? 

  •  It feels natural.
  • There's not any drama associated with your action.
  • Your body signals and energy level will tell you that you've given just the right amount. 

Small acts of service can look like this: 

  • Holding the door open for someone even when you're in a hurry. 
  • Smiling at a stranger. 
  • Give your friend or partner a compliment. 

Your action step: 



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90 Second Emotions

It's true!

Emotions only last 90-seconds.

"When a person has a reaction to something to their environment, there's a 90-second chemical process that happens in the body; after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop." ~ Jill Bolte Taylor
When I read this quote, there was a spark of curiosity that ran through my mind and body.
I even went down the rabbit hole trying to find evidence against it. 

I'll use anger as an example.

You get that email, see something on social media, or read a comment that upsets you. 

  • Anger is your primary emotion based on what you read.
  • You have a thought that sets off the emotion of anger as your primary emotion. 
  • A wave of chemicals moves through your body.
  • This takes less than 90 seconds. 
  • Then it's gone. 

If anger lasts more than 90 seconds, it's because you're replaying that story in your mind.
Every time you replay the story, you...

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Happy Client Alert! Heather's Transformation Story

Heather had never worked with a life coach before. 

She took a chance on me when I was a brand new life coach. This is what happened...

She had to say about working with me:

"At 39 years old, I had come to a place in my life where I had vowed to stop reading self-help books.  I had spent YEARS trying to better myself. Meanwhile, I saw my husband and other friends having success by concentrating on anything but self-help stuff. 

For years I had been involved in yoga, therapy, and anything I could find that might make me happier, more peaceful, more successful.  I had finally gotten to a place in life where I was somewhat content, yet still felt behind and unfulfilled. 

I’ve known Rachel for years through the yoga community. I knew she was very serious about anything she took on and always comes from a place of genuine compassion to help people.  She does this work not because she has to but because she wants to.  When she told me about...

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Block Energy Vampires with This One Simple Tip

I’ve been involved with a few of the “empath” Facebook groups here and there and I’m seeing a common theme: empaths are not willing to take action to stop energy vampires from zapping their energy. 

It breaks my heart to read about all of the problems empaths are having with energy vampires but there's not a single thing I've read that promotes taking any type of action.

That's where I come in.

If there’s an empath problem, there’s a solution. And I'm here to give solutions. But it all starts with YOU. You must take some type of action to get to a place where you can stand in your own power and learn to STOP letting energy vampires feed on your life force. Yep - your energy. Whether it’s the controller, the victim, the narcissist, the space invader, or any type of energy vampire. 

The solution I'm about to offer you is NOT exciting. It might even seem like the silliest way to deal with energy vampires but hear me out…...

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Energy Vampires: The Controller

Have you ever been around someone who obsessively tried to control and dictate everything they thought you were supposed to be, do, have, and feel? 

These energy vampires have an opinion about everything and try to control you by invalidating your emotions especially if those emotions don’t fit into their rulebook.

They often start sentences with “You know what you need?” and then proceed to tell you. 

This ends up making you feel stuck, demeaned, and put down. 

We’re talking about the type of Energy Vampire called The Controller. This type of energy vampire can chip away at your self-worth and this can lead to depression and other physical symptoms.

Here are a few signs to watch out for: 

  • They flatter you and shower you with gifts until you feel you owe them and have to be nice and return.
  • Then... they gradually increase the pressure until they're not nice at all (and you're still being nice)
  • ...
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Energy Vampires: The Victim

We're diving deep and discussing what types of energy vampires can slowly drain the energy out of our daily energy “bank account” I thought I’d give you a sneak peek.

Last week, I talked about the Space Invader Energy Vampire. If you missed it, I also created a blog post about it here:

Here's an interesting type of energy vampire that I think everyone has in common. The Victim. Yes - I know, we’ve all unintentionally settled into the victim mentality every now and then but we don’t want to live there. 

I’m talking about the type of Energy Vampire Victim who is living in their “victimhood”. 

As empaths, these energy vampires can really drain our energy and leave us feeling like we've absorbed all of their problems. We walk away feeling heavy, frustrated, and wondering what just happened to make us feel...

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Energy Vampires - The Space Invader

During the month of October, I'm adding to my Empath Collective library. This is one of the biggest projects I’ve taken on throughout the whole time my Empath Collective has been together. 

I’ve been working on this project for several months. It’s on the topic of Energy Vampires. ‍ 

I’ve been hesitant to cover this topic for a few reasons: 

  1. I'm really careful about the energy surrounding each topic. If it's too negative, it might bring people down.
  2. I'm also careful around labels because labels can stick and I believe that people really can change.

If you think you might have an energy vampire in your life, you’ll definitely want to keep reading and you might even want to join our Empath Collective

First things first... You've probably noticed that I frequently talk about energy fields. Yes, we all have this energetic border around us that determines our comfort level. This is also known as personal space


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Lower your stress level

Bringing down your stress level is easier than you think. Simplicity is the key that will keep you coming back to that still point that rests within: 
  1. Take a deep breath in
  2. On the exhale, relax your jaw
  3. Take a deep breath in
  4. Exhale and relax your forehead
  5. Take a deep breath in
  6. Exhale and relax your shoulders 
  7. Repeat

The only difficult part is actually remembering to use your stress-busting tools. You can set a reminder for a certain time of day or several times a day like once per hour. 

You can be mindful to do this each time you walk through a doorway, when you're on a walk, or when you wash your hands. These habits can really add up to decreasing your stress level and blood pressure. 


If you're ready to learn more,  check out my free guided meditation library


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