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Ditch the DRAMA with your MAMA

Feel empowered in your relationships! 

Mama Drama Boundaries Guide

I found the freedom that I didn't think was possible. You can, too. 

When you work with me, you:

✓ No longer take things personally

✓ Forgive and let go of your past

✓ Stop feeling angry, guilty, regretful and resentful.

✓ Find freedom from your old stories

✓ Create new, healthier patterns in your relationships

I want to share my knowledge and experience to make it easier for you. I believe in you!

I'll show you how to believe in yourself.



“Rachel’s positive energy and empathy instantly put me at ease, and every time we have a session together, I truly feel seen and heard without judgment.

She has helped me more in just a few weeks than any other talk therapy I have done in the past.

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