I'll be your guide to help you...

✔️ Let go of feeling angry, guilty, regretful, and resentful 

✔️ Change your relationship with your mother without having to go "no contact"

✔️ Apply a simple mind management tool to shift your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

✔️ Create new, healthier patterns in your relationships 

✔️ Regulate your emotions 

✔️ Free yourself from your old stories

✔️ Stop taking things personally

✔️ Set boundaries without fear of disapproval 


Does this sound like you?

✔️ You're afraid of your mom's reaction if she doesn't approve of your decisions

✔️ You want to salvage or improve the relationship you have left with your mom

✔️ You don't want to go "no contact" with your mom but want a relationship

✔️ You want to let go of the resentment you have towards your mom 

✔️ You're afraid of her reaction if you challenge her worldview

✔️ You think that she has to change in order for you to be happy

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve designed my coaching just for you! 


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