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Digital Detox

May 19, 2020

A few weeks ago our Empath Support Community had some fun with Empath Self-Care Bingo. We tried about 20+ different self-care activities with the idea that at least one activity would resonate with us.

I told myself I'd try everything on the bingo card and I finally made it to the "digital detox" square on the bingo card.
At the time, I was feeling really burned out on anything digital. Phone, laptop, Zoom, TV, social media, and even podcasts. It felt overwhelming. But... I kept going because I connect with clients primarily through all things digital.
But, I tried it. Then I stepped away from it for **gasp** more than 24 hours and it just felt right. It ended up being about a week.
I felt a little guilty at the time but I knew deep down that this was what I needed in order to sustain my mental energy.
This is SO important! Especially for Empaths. I took a dose of my own medicine, so to speak. It was fabulous. I scaled down on electronics, set specific times for work, and set a "stop working at _____" alarm for myself.
I returned with a fresh perspective on how I spend my time, how much time I'm spending on social media, and making sure that I get an ample amount of outdoor time for myself to help offset anything digital.
Do you regularly schedule time away from electronics and social media? I know I'm not the only one.