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Do you get exhausted easily? Why you should listen to your fatigue.

Feb 17, 2020

Empaths experience our share of fatigue.

Fatigue is the first sign of overwhelm and overwhelm leads to exhaustion, anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue, and sensory overload. 


But, we keep on working. We all have todo lists, priorities, projects, and commitments. We keep working, thinking that we can dig ourselves out of this chaos by more work. 


Why do we do this? 


Society says, “tough it out”. Society rewards this behavior. 

We celebrate overachievers who ignore their body signals. 


This is incredibly harmful to HSP and Empaths. 

We need ample downtime, quiet, and rest to thrive. 



Fatigue is your voice of wisdom. It’s your body and your energy level telling you something. This is called listening to your body! 


Take one compassionate action (baby step) for yourself. 

  • Electronics OFF for 15 minutes 
  • Meditate - this will help you get quality sleep
  • This is a mini tune-up for your system


Question for you: 

1-10 What is your fatigue level? Today? This week? This month? 

1 = None, 10 = danger zone 


If you scored 1 or above, take one compassionate action to rest and restore your energy. 


Listen to your fatigue. It’s your voice of wisdom.