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Earth Empaths and the Plant World

Feb 16, 2020

Do you have a green thumb?

You might be an Earth Empath!

🌱I've always loved plants. When I was little, I'd spend time with my Mema. She had a small back yard but had space where she would grow corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, and squash. She always had a plant or two that she was excited about. Those were some of the best memories. Now that I look back, she was probably an Earth Empath, too.

Earth empaths are deeply connected with the planet and its natural powers. We connect with seasons, weather, plants, trees, ocean tides, and can sense the earth's changes in the weather. We feel grounded in nature and can feel the energy of some of the shifts that happen.

As an Earth Empath, there’s something so wonderful about knowing how to make things grow. I've been known to randomly throw out seeds in the flower bed, and bury an avocado seed (or two), just to see what would happen. Well, guess what? I have 2 very strong baby avocado trees growing on my back porch. A few years ago, my husband found 5 large sweet potatoes as he was weeding the flower bed. Surprise!!!!

Knowing that I'm connected and nourished by the earth, watching things grow, I've stopped resisting who I am and I'm grown in the direction of what's right for me.
I'm more grounded, rooted more deeply and I'm reaching further skyward.