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Happy Client Alert! Heather's Transformation Story

Jul 11, 2021
happy client alert

Heather had never worked with a life coach before. 

She took a chance on me when I was a brand new life coach. This is what happened...

She had to say about working with me:

"At 39 years old, I had come to a place in my life where I had vowed to stop reading self-help books.  I had spent YEARS trying to better myself. Meanwhile, I saw my husband and other friends having success by concentrating on anything but self-help stuff. 

For years I had been involved in yoga, therapy, and anything I could find that might make me happier, more peaceful, more successful.  I had finally gotten to a place in life where I was somewhat content, yet still felt behind and unfulfilled. 

I’ve known Rachel for years through the yoga community. I knew she was very serious about anything she took on and always comes from a place of genuine compassion to help people.  She does this work not because she has to but because she wants to.  When she told me about her new endeavor as a life coach, my curiosity was sparked but I was still reluctant to think that anything would really help.  I’ve studied the law of attraction.  I’ve gone to therapy.  There is only so much positive thinking a person can do. 

I never saw practical, tangible ways of making these so-called "manifest your own destiny" ideas work. To be honest I had given up and settled on being content - my own sideline cheerleader.   I had lost the ability to dream big.   I had great ideas, I could talk the talk, but there was a gap in me being able to make the necessary changes needed to manifest, not a good life, but a great life.

Rachel helped me conquer alcoholism in one of the toughest periods of my life - when we were losing my father-in-law to brain cancer.  If she could help me through something that hard, I was curious as to what she could do with me now that I was in a better place.   

I cried to Rachel through our first meeting.  I felt behind in life, believing I had run out of time to have a good career or kids. My husband and I had been playing without a goalie for 7 years and I had a college degree with a string of jobs that never paid me much.

Rachel helped me as we narrowed our focus to my biggest issue at the time which was money.  Rachel told me that when we work on one area, the rest of the areas will automatically improve.  I kid you not, within three weeks of working with Rachel, I had my dream job.  

Making money was always hard and stressful. Rachel helped me turn that thought into the belief that there are lots of ways to make money that CAN be easy and fun.   

I've done therapy. I've read self-help books religiously for years.  I hired a life coach and everything happened at once!  

Within one hour of working with Rachel, I had a newfound focus and direction.  Rachel was able to pinpoint my limiting beliefs. She helped me turn my thoughts into actions that brought immediate results.  They were so immediate that I needed the rest of our coaching sessions to adjust to the positive changes. She was able to pinpoint and fix the ways I had been self-sabotaging for years. 

My Indeed account said I had already applied to over 99 jobs.  

  • Within a week of working with Rachel, I had four different interviews.  
  • Within three weeks of working with Rachel, I beat out 80 other applicants to land my dream job in a profession I had been scared of trying for years.  

I started working with Rachel on a Monday and within that first week, I landed four interviews in a profession I had been thinking about trying for years. My confidence grew and the negative stories I had been telling myself melted away.  

She helped me take new action that silenced those negative stories I had been telling myself for years.  I had convinced myself I must have been a handful to work within my 20s and that no one who knew me then would be a good reference.  

The very first thing that happened after our first meeting was I took new action and posted on Facebook asking for help getting into Real Estate.  My very first boss in my 20's reached out to me and lined up two interviews with recruiters from two prominent real estate companies and offered to be a reference without me even asking.  The melting away of those negative stories I had been telling myself was worth more than any job or coaching fee I could have paid.  

Rachel has a gift of intuition and teaches others how to tap into theirs and apply it in practical ways.  

Unlike a therapist, she is not scared to point out behaviors and thoughts that do not serve her clients in a truly nonjudgmental way.  She digs deep to the root of the thoughts causing developmental and spiritual setbacks and transforms them into new flowering ideas and actions with real results

I never would have thought things I worked towards for years could happen so fast.  

Magical things started showing up in my life when I started to work with Rachel and did the work.  She taught me how to look for those magical moments and create more.  I feel more connected spiritually to my family and guides. Signs show up more often. The feeling I have inside from the thought work we did is worth more than any amount of money I could make!  I 100% recommend Rachel's life coaching services to anyone going through a hard time or feeling stuck and confused like I was.  Just watch what you ask for because you WILL get it!"