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The Benefits of Daydreaming

Jan 02, 2020

Did you know that there are benefits to daydreaming?

Did you know that daydreamers have higher levels of empathy? 

Some of my clients express frustration with daydreaming. Why? Many of us have been told it’s associated with being lazy.  I mean, since when did daydreaming become a bad thing?

You see, empaths daydream a LOT. Once I started reminding my clients of the benefits of daydreaming, they started feeling empowered. 

Want to know some of the benefits of daydreaming? 

  • Enhanced memory 
  • A higher level of empathy allows you to explore different scenarios from other people’s perspectives. In other words, it helps you put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  • Increased creativity
  • “Problem-solving incubation” - basically, daydreaming gives your mind downtime when you’re trying to solve a problem. 

A few examples of enhanced daydreaming would be meditating, practicing yoga, or during a shower. 🤔Ever notice how great ideas happen when you’re in the shower? 

When we’re relaxed and our brain doesn’t have to struggle. Solutions and answers seem to effortlessly pop into our heads. 

I can attest to this - I would frequently have problem-solving moments in my yoga class or during meditation. Solutions would just appear out of nowhere.  

So, if you're fighting the urge to daydream, just go with the flow. 

I want to know! Have you ever felt any of the benefits of daydreaming?

Maybe during a relaxing walk, during meditation, or sitting quietly in nature? It's good for you!