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Walking Meditation

May 02, 2020

Have you ever wondered how many types of meditation are out there?

I've practiced meditation with mala beads, mantra meditation, silent meditation, chanting, and the list goes on.

 I've rediscovered one of my favorite meditations. Walking Meditation. 

Just like any type of meditation, walking meditation can be incredibly rewarding. When you practice walking meditation, you're connecting with your body and the earth at the same time.

Here are a couple of key points and ideas for your walking meditation...
🌸You can count how many steps are you taking with each breath.
🌸Walk and breathe in such a way that you can connect with your body deeply.
🌸Connecting with your breath, the planet, keeping it as simple as possible.
🌸Remember - this isn't a power walk. You're not trying to get from “point A to point B” type of activity.
🌸Walking meditation shouldn't be work. It's nice and pleasant, especially in the early morning when the air is still very fresh.
🌸Take notice of your surroundings, the earth element, and the sky.

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