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Ways to balance your gifts with responsibility

Jan 08, 2020

When you're first discovering that you're an empath, it can be a little exciting, a little scary, and a bit intimidating.

You'll probably go down the rabbit hole researching (like I did).

What I've found is that the information is there, but we sometimes don't understand how to use our gifts or balance all of this information with responsibility. I've seen everything from breaking out of old patterns to using the information of being an empath as a license to drop further into victimhood and isolation.

  1. If you have questions about what to do with all of this info, I have a few tips for you.
  2. Start with a meditation practice. Meditation is the #1 best tool for empaths. Trust me on this.
  3. Find a grounding practice. Many empaths are earth empaths so getting outside for a nice walk will help you stay grounded.
  4. Journal. Journal about conflict, decision making, coincidences, and intuitive hits. You can find a lot of answers when you get still and start writing.
  5. Explore other healing and grounding modalities. Take an art class, explore Reiki healing, bodywork, or yoga.
  6. Say yes to a social event. As empaths, we have a hard time in crowds but that doesn't mean we should isolate ourselves.

    I've committed to showing up for TWO social gatherings a month this year. This is NOT the norm for me. But, I also know it's good for me mentally, emotionally, and socially.