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What Are You Ready to Outgrow?

Oct 15, 2019

We’re at our best when we’re growing, but that growth often comes with growing pains.

I’m here to talk about what happens when we experience emotional triggers. For empaths and highly sensitive people, the struggle is definitely real.

Emotional triggers can be anything from a co-worker making a rude comment about our appearance to a relative commenting on a relationship status. When this happens, we withdraw, feel hurt, angry, and can lash out.

As empaths and HSP, we can feel incredibly drained and exhausted, especially when we feel like we have to play defense against painful words and behaviors. That takes a LOT of energy and it's definitely no way to live. .
The frustrating part of it all is that these behaviors can bring up all the doubt that you may have thought you buried a long time ago.

These beliefs are based on fears—they are not reality. You don’t want to be triggered all the time. It is exhausting and painful, especially for highly sensitive and empathic people.

What’s on the other side of the pain is always worth it, though, and this is your friendly reminder that it’s ok to stop trying to fit into a relationship or a situation you've outgrown. You can step into a new you.

What are you ready to outgrow?