Awaken Your Intuition

Discover how to use your intuition to make the best choices, tap in to your body's intuitive signals, and stop second-guessing your intuitive hunches.  



Learn How to Trust Your Intuition

Discover the Beauty of Sensing Energy


How to Read People Using Your Intuition

Let Your Inner Voice Guide You

Are you ready to awaken your intuition? Discover how to use your intuition to make the best choices, tap into your body's intuitive signals, and stop second-guessing your intuitive hunches.



✔︎ 3-part mini-course

✔︎ Learn how to trust your intuition

✔︎ How to use your intuition for guidance

✔︎ Using your body as an intuitive receptor


✨Learn how to read people using your intuition

👩🏼‍💻 Complimentary 1:1 Coaching Session with Rachel


Hi, I'm Rachel

Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Empath, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master. I've created these courses and services to provide you with real world tools that I've gathered and developed over the last 20+ years. I'll help you, learn to thrive so that you can stop absorbing negative energy, block energy vampires, calm the chaos, and embrace your natural gifts. 

"Before taking the 'Awaken Your Intuition Mini Course', I was always second-guessing myself. Now, I trust my gut instinct and make decisions with ease. This course has been transformational for me." "

Course Participant

"❤️💜❤️ I’ve been in and out of burnout ALOT over this last year... part of working with Rachel was to practice some of my skills and have support and accountability to take care of myself. And I’m so glad I did because it has helped me in that battle. I’ve been so much more protective of myself, learning better energy management, and exercising my skills with smart boundaries."

Happy Empath

"I'm just so glad I happened to hear about Rachel when I did. I'd heard the term Empath before, but I'm pretty sure I've been dealing with the fact of it every day of my life. It's quite handy to see it mapped out. And there could not be a more wholesome and healed healer than Rachel. I'm very grateful to her for her work.💖"

Happy Empath

"If you are aware of or have recently discovered that you are an Empath or HSP, I strongly encourage you to work with Rachel. She comes highly recommended and can provide invaluable guidance and support. After working with Rachel, things make so much sense now! Rachel is the sweet, fresh water for all of us wilted flowers out there. 🤗 As an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), your experiences in the world can often feel overwhelming and confusing. You may struggle to understand why you feel things so deeply, and why it's difficult for you to filter out the emotions of others. This is where Rachel comes in. Rachel understands what it's like to be an Empath or HSP because she is one herself. She knows firsthand the challenges that come with this trait, but also the beautiful gifts it brings. With her guidance, you will learn how to navigate through life as an Empath or HSP with more ease and clarity. One of the things that sets Rachel apart is her ability to take your individual needs into account. She recognizes that every person's experience. "

Happy Empath

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