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Episode 47: The Trap of Overgiving

Season #1 Episode #47

Do you ever feel like you’re putting everyone else first to the point of exhaustion and even resentment? Most of us have done this, which is why today I’m focusing on the ways that we tend to over-give without even realizing it. 


In this episode, I reveal strategies for becoming aware of, and overcoming, these harmful tendencies that can leave you completely depleted in all areas of your life. 

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • The difference between giving and over-giving 
  • Why empaths feel the need to give more than what is asked of us 
  • What it feels like in your body when you’re overgiving 
  • Over-giving red flags 
  • What it led to in my life to over-give 
  • 5 examples of over-giving 
  • How to give to yourself first
  • How to give in a way that makes you feel amazing
  • 4 strategies you can use to stop over-giving


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