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Episode 43: What Is Coaching?

Episode #43

I’ve been trying to come up with a way to explain the power of coaching, what coaching really is, and how it can help for quite a while.   One big question that comes up is how coaching is different from therapy.  I actually get this question a lot. Heck! I wondered the same thing for a very long time.   Then I got curious. I asked myself the hard questions. I asked my fellow coaches and clients to chime in on their own experience on how therapy is different than coaching.   I love talking about coaching, how it helps people, and how it has helped me.


What I’m talking about in this episode: 

  1. How life coaching has helped me
  2. What’s the difference between therapy and coaching 
  3. How to find the right coach for you
  4. How my coaching sessions work
  5. What it’s like to coach with me.

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