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Ep. 53 Different Types of Mama Drama

Season #1

Today's episode is all about the different types of mama drama. It looks different for all of us. Drama doesn't mean anything has gone wrong. It's something that you have control over. 

This originally started out as a list of 5 to 7 topics. When I dug in a little deeper, it was like a snowball effect. The list kept getting longer. I see Part 2 in our future. 

In this episode I talk about:  

  • How we can pick up subtle messages that create body image issues 
  • Drama around money
  • When your mom doesn't show her emotions 
  • When mom says mean things 
  • Enmeshment and boundaries 
  • Women who are still holding onto resentment even when mom is gone
  • Betrayal drama 
  • The dutiful daughter
  • Distrust drama 
  • Mother-in-law drama 
  • Blame and shame 
  • When mom acts like a child
  • Health issues with mama
  • The critical mama drama 
  • No-contact drama 

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