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Ep. 55 How to Apologize From a Place of Love

Season #1

Making a sincere apology can have a profound impact on your level of self-worth. What I realized over the last several weeks is that I realized that the way I was taught about making an apology was that it was either "owed" like a bad debt or it came with a lot of strings attached.  

What you'll learn in this episode:   

  1. When we apologize from a place of fear, it has a different energy to it. It feels heavy and haunting. There's an air of manipulation to it. 
  2. When we apologize from a place of love, it feels genuine. 
  3. A sincere apology can give anyone a sense of freedom when we come from the right place. 

I'm delighted to say that learning to sincerely and timely apologize is one of the biggest gifts I've ever given to myself.


Mentioned in the show: 

When you make the commitment to managing your emotional life, there's nothing you can't create for yourself.  

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