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Ep. 56 How to Deal with Indulgent Emotions: Worry and Confusion

Season #1

In this episode, I'm talking about the topic of indulgent emotions.   Specifically, the most common indulgent emotions of worry and confusion. I also talk about the ways it can show up in our lives and how these emotions can keep us stuck.   Listen as I share tips and strategies for managing these indulgent emotions.  

Key points:

  • I talk about the most common indulgent emotions.
  • The reasons we use indulgent emotions.
  • Why indulgent emotions are not useful.
  • How Indulgent emotions keep you stuck. Indulgent emotions are a cover-up for real emotions like fear and sadness that we want to mask with
  • I give examples of how I used indulgent emotions to cover up worry, sadness, and confusion in my own life.

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