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Ep. 57 The Selfish Hour: Interview With Megan Weisheipl

Season #1

Welcome to Relationship Coaching with Rachel, where we provide insights and tips to help you find peace in your most challenging relationships. Today, I have a special guest on the podcast, Megan Weisheipl, who will be discussing her new book, The Selfish Hour

As a relationship coach and teacher of meditation and yoga, I understand the importance of creating sacred time for myself.

The Selfish Hour is a must-read for anybody seeking personal growth and transformation. Megan wrote this book from a place of being healed and provides practical tips on how to transform your mind in just one hour a day.

Megan shares her story of creating a life from a situation she didn't want. She talks about feeling like the parent in the relationship, and how she mirrored her story from her own mother's story. The Selfish Hour is a reminder that being selfish is not a negative thing. It's important to be your own person and not try to fit in.

Listeners can get a sneak-peak download of the first chapter of The Selfish Hour:

Tune in to learn more about how to create sacred time for yourself and find peace in your relationships.






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