Work With Me

Ep. 58 Interview With Sarah Plowman

Season #1

In this episode, Sarah and I explore the liberating power of taking responsibility for ourselves.   Sarah shares her experience of how taking responsibility for herself has transformed her life and allowed her to feel free, content, and sufficient.

We discuss the concept of people pleasing and both recognize that people pleasing is a form of manipulation.  We talk about the fear that many people may feel when they hear the idea of taking responsibility for themselves, but Sarah emphasizes how it is worth it, even though it may be challenging.  

Sarah also shares how realizing that she can't control what other people think of her was a turning point for her, allowing her to be content with herself and let others have their own experiences of her.  

Join us as we dive into this inspiring conversation on how taking responsibility for yourself can lead to greater freedom, contentment, and self-love.  


What you'll learn in this episode:

  • How Sarah started taking emotional responsibility for her life
  • What happened when Sarah realized that she was in charge of how she wanted to feel
  • Why other people don't create our emotions
  • Some of the challenges she had with her mother
  • How she uses the energy of emotions to move her forward in life
  • Some of the beautiful things she loves about her mother


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