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Ep. 59 Interview with Celeste Smith: Boundaries, Body Image, and Self-Care [Part ONE]

Season #2

In this episode, Rachel sits down for a chat with Celeste Smith, a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified eating disorder specialist. They cover a range of fascinating topics like boundaries, mama drama, body image struggles, reiki, meditation, and yoga.

Celeste opens up about her personal journey of overcoming trauma and how it ultimately led her to become a therapist. She also emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries as an act of self-care. They dive into the generational impact of body image issues and discuss the need for self-compassion. 

To top it off, Celeste offers some amazing tips for setting boundaries and emphasizes that boundaries are not mean, but rather a way to take care of oneself. She even shares some of her own self-care practices, like spending time outdoors, prayer, and therapy. And lastly, they wrap things up with an enlightening conversation about the benefits of distraction-free walks and the intriguing concept of polyvagal theory. 


Key points:

  • boundaries, mama drama, body image, reiki, meditation, and yoga
  • Celeste's background as a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified eating disorder specialist
  • Celeste's personal experience with trauma and how it led her to become a therapist
  • The importance of boundaries and how they can be challenging but necessary for self-care
  • The impact of generational mama drama and body image issues
  • The role of therapy in healing and setting boundaries
  • The misconception that boundaries are mean and the importance of self-compassion
  • Self-care practices such as yoga walks in nature, prayer, and therapy
  • The benefits of being present and paying attention to one's surroundings
  • An introduction to polyvagal theory and its connection to stress and the body's response.

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