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The Rachel Hudson Podcast

The Rachel Hudson Podcast

Hosted by: Rachel K Hudson

Rachel Hudson is a certified life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and Reiki master. In her podcast, she reveals all of her tips and strategies to ditch the drama with your mama. You’ll discover how to act and show...


Episode 35: How Blame Takes Away Your Power

Season #1 Episode #35

In this episode, I talk about how assigning blame takes away your power.   What you'll learn in this episode:  How blame and responsibility are different How blame prevents us from taking ownership of our lives Why...
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Episode 34: It Works! The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True

Season #1 Episode #34

In this episode, I talk about a book on manifesting that I've had for a number of years called It Works!   I'm talking about this book that's nearly 100 years old because it gives you the simplest manifesting tips,...
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Episode 33: Create a Sense of Security with Routine and Structure

Season #1 Episode #33

Creating a daily routine can give you a sense of safety and security in your life.  I'm talking about creating routines for yourself because Empaths can be susceptible to decision fatigue, chaos, and get into the...
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Episode 32: What Happens When You Push Down Emotions

Season #1 Episode #32

I asked this question in my Empath Insights Facebook Group and I got some insightful answers.  Clients come to me because they're not only empaths, but they're afraid to open up. They're afraid to let their feelings...
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Episode 31: How Your Thoughts Can Drain Your Energy Level

Episode #31

Your own thoughts can drain you!   Your negative, stressful thoughts can be addictive.    It may be hard to stop thinking stressful thoughts. They can be obsessive, repetitive, and can keep replaying in your mind...
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Episode 30: How to Release Negative Energy

Season #1 Episode #30

In this episode, I give you a very simple way to release negative energy.   I'm talking about this simple way to release negative energy specifically because one negativity seems like a cloud of emotions that has a...
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Episode 29: How to Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Season #1 Episode #29

As empaths, we love to stay in our comfort zones.   In this episode, I talk about how the mind loves to keep us safe and tries to protect us from perceived risks, danger, and from trying anything new.    I have a...
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Episode 28:The Fixer

Season #1 Episode #28

In this episode, I talk about what happens when we take on the role of The Fixer.    Episode Highlights:  Simple ways that help you identify what "The Fixer" looks like Why we take on the role of "The Fixer" Why we...
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Episode 27: How to Use Visualization and Learn to Let Go

Season #1 Episode #27

In this episode, I talk about using visualization to help you let go so that you can live your best life.   I'm talking about visualization and letting go specifically because we're often in fear and feel stuck in...
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Episode 26: Insights on Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Animal Communication with Brenda Strong

Episode #26

Tune in this week as Brenda and I discuss the benefits of Reiki, hypnotherapy, and animal communication. We talk about how Brenda first discovered Reiki, how Brenda and I first met, and how Reiki helps with physical,...
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Episode 25: How to Overcome Negativity

Episode #25

Have you ever secretly wondered to yourself, "Am I being too negative?"   In this episode, I give you some very practical tips on how to overcome negativity.    Fun Fact:  Research shows that most people complain...
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Episode 24: The Upside to Being an Emotional Empath

Season #1 Episode #24

In this episode I give you simple tips on how to enjoy being an emotional empath.  Did you know that there's an upside to being an emotional empath? In this episode, we take a look at simple ways you can enjoy your...
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