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The Rachel Hudson Podcast

The Rachel Hudson Podcast

Hosted by: Rachel K Hudson

Rachel Hudson is a certified life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and Reiki master. In her podcast, she reveals all of her tips and strategies to ditch the drama with your mama. You’ll discover how to act and show...


Episode 47: The Trap of Overgiving

Season #1 Episode #47

Do you ever feel like you’re putting everyone else first to the point of exhaustion and even resentment? Most of us have done this, which is why today I’m focusing on the ways that we tend to over-give without even...
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Episode 46: Data Over Drama

Season #1 Episode #46

In this episode, I'm talking about letting go of the drama. You might be wondering how to do that. Living with drama can be overstimulating and exhausting. You can get hooked into drama, become overinvolved, and it...
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Episode 45: How to Let Go of Worry

Season #1 Episode #45

In this episode, I'm talking about how to let go of worry.  Indulging in money worries, health challenges, family scenarios, and even weather can overtake our lives and make us feel stuck.   What you'll learn in this...
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Episode 44: How to Think In Ink

Season #1 Episode #44

In this episode, I'm talking about a daily habit that changed everything about how I look at my life.  It brings me great clarity and helps my mind slow down. What I'm about to offer to you is something that will help...
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Episode 43: What Is Coaching?

Episode #43

I’ve been trying to come up with a way to explain the power of coaching, what coaching really is, and how it can help for quite a while.   One big question that comes up is how coaching is different from therapy.  I...
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Episode 42: The Value of Coach Training

Episode #42

Tune in this week to discover the takeaways from my experience with life coach training. I'm so excited to share with you.    I've been diving deep into coaching for well over a year and it's changed my life in so...
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Episode 41: 90 Second Emotions

Episode #41

Listen today and learn how you can process any emotion in less than 90 seconds. It's true!    RESOURCES AND LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS...
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Episode 40: How To Outsmart Distractions

Episode #40

Are you ready to outsmart distractions?   There are multiple ways that your brain can distract you from your inner voice. Maybe you worry about your to-do list, obsess about a painful conversation, or fixate on the...
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Episode 39: What To Do With Uncomfortable Emotions

Season #1 Episode #39

In this episode, I talk about what you can do to process uncomfortable emotions.   I'm talking about the 3 things that we typically do when we're feeling an emotion and ONE thing you need to do instead.   If you enjoy...
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Episode 38: Why Feelings Matter

Season #1 Episode #38

In this episode, I talk about the reason feelings matter.   I'm talking about feelings because feelings are the very reason we do anything and everything. Feelings drive our actions.   If you enjoy this episode and it...
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Episode 37: How To Sense Subtle Energy Around You

Season #1 Episode #37

In this episode, I'm teaching you how to sense and influence the subtle energy around you. What you'll learn in this episode:  How to pick up positive and negative energy How to use the Attention to help you practice...
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Episode 36: How To Turn Around Negative Thoughts

Season #1 Episode #36

In this episode, I'm teaching you how to turn around negative thoughts and self-talk. What you'll learn in this episode:  How negative self-talk and negative thoughts deplete your energy level How to empower yourself...
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