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"I'm just so glad I happened to hear about Rachel's group when I did. I had heard the term Empath but I'm pretty sure I've been dealing with the empirical fact of it every day of my life. It's quite handy to see it mapped out. And there could not be a more wholesome and healed healer than Rachel. I'm very grateful to her for her work.💖"

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"❤️💜❤️ I’ve been in and out of burnout ALOT over this last year... part of doing this group was to practice some of my skills and have support and accountability to take care of myself. And I’m so glad I did because it has helped me in that battle. I’ve been so much more protective of myself, learning better energy management, and exercising my skills with boundaries."

Happy Empath

"I highly recommend signing up with Rachel if you know or have recently discovered you are an Empath or HSP. Things make so much sense now! She really takes your needs in account following a personal Skype session and she keeps in touch regularly with group and personal emails and Facebook messages. Her membership portal is very professional so you can access the material you need when it suits you. Even if you have a few weeks off (like me atm) the exercises and videos of the live sessions will be waiting for you. Rachel is the sweet fresh water for the wilted flowers among us. 🤗"

Happy Empath

“Though there is a spectrum of sensitivity that exists in human beings, empaths are emotional sponges who absorb both the stress and joy of the world. We feel everything, often to an extreme, and have little guard up between others and ourselves. As a result, we are often overwhelmed by excessive stimulation and are prone to exhaustion and sensory overload.” Judith Orloff, The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People 


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